Sunday, 11 November 2012

Whats Happening?

Time does go quickly at times. Lachlan is asleep and I am off work mostly today so I thought I check in and do a new blog post. Surprising almost one month since the last one.

Lachlan seems much better than he has been.  He lost a lot of weight with illness and what we finally think may be a milk allergy. Vomiting has stopped and white mucous which at one point was copious from his nose has almost stopped. He is completely off his formula and on a totally blenderised diet now. Rick has really pushed for this and I think it is the right thing for Lachlan. I have just been concerned about the amount of calories he will get this way. I did an excel spreadsheet which always helps me process things better and it looks like we are moving in the right calorie direction.

Recently there have been a few babies that have died in our community. Some passed shortly after birth. Some after a fight with illness. The nature of these babies lives is that their parents know they may not make it or have only a short time with them however they were not loved less nor will they be grieved for less.

Matthew, Angelo and Emma I am sorry you did not spend longer here and am thinking of your family.

Naiyah I will miss you

There is another little girl who has been on my mind who was very sick also. Sending love to your family.

Also very soon I have trisomy mummy friends either approaching the day of their child's passing and/or there child's birthday.

I remember with you

Sending you wishes for peace

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