Thursday, 18 October 2012

Waiting Waiting for a Sleep Study

Well it has been a big week. We are almost moved totally back into our home in Conondale. Still have a few bits and pieces back at the Rented home. Wouldn't you know it though Yesterday when we were both able to get it all finished didn't happen for two reasons. One we got a call to come to Brisbane for a consult with the respiratory sleep doctors. They must have had a cancellation so the appointment that we have been waiting for for seven months we took even though it wasn't that convenient. And also this week my car decided it doesn't like to climb hills- not very suitable when you live in the mountains. So I drove Rick's car with Lachlan to Brisbane and he was car less and unable to move the rest of the things.
With great effort comes great reward? well it didn't exactly go like that.
The Doctor looked over Lachlan asked me a few questions and say well he needs a sleep study. Yes I think we are getting to it now. Then she says well I cant book that in maybe in A YEARS TIME.
I just deflated. I just looked at her and said he has been on oxygen for two years now and with no diagnosed reason. She said well it is because he has small lungs and scoliosis. I said but you don't know and I think there may be an obstructive nature.
She then said she would discuss it with her boss when she gets back from leave in one week.
 So we wait

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