Friday, 30 November 2012

What can Lachlan do

Lachlan had a big week. He had a check up and a mini overnight "sleep" study. He did well at the sleep study while he was sleeping they almost got him off O2. However at home again while awake he just doesn't seem comfortable without 0.5Litre??

Overall Lachlan is doing well apart from the loss of about a kilo over the last few months which is a lot on a little boy. This has been mainly due to being unwell and vomiting all of his manufactured formula. He is now on a fully blenderised diet and under guidance from his dietitian we are confident he will regain this weight fairly quickly at least we hope so. Everyone please cross fingers.

Rick and I enjoy the blending and so far he is tolerating everything.

Everytime Lachlan sees his Peadiatrician he seems very withdrawn and I think his doctor may be getting the wrong impression. I plan to send some of these photos to him.

smiling eyes
Patting Hannah's cat Dear
rolling across the mat several times(note O2 cord) to get doll
Oh and if someone could turn the Air con on that would be appreciated

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