Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Monday afternoon Lachlan started shaking and then had a couple of vomits- Trip to ER. As per usual once he arrived at Hospital he looked much better but being Lachlan even though he may not be seen straight away they at least move us out of the waiting room to a bed. Last time it took us nearly eight hours to move from emergency to the ward getting up there at midnight. So this time once I was there I asked for a specium bottle to catch some urine. The last time Lachlan had looked so ill it had been a urinary tract infection (UTI). Took nearly me two hours to catch a sample but yes UTI and up to the ward for a couple of nights. I did the first night and then had to go to work. Rick and I waved to each other  Tuesday morning as we passed on the road as he couldn't leave home until the girls were off to school. It is so nice that Rick is now comfortable to look after Lachlan at home and in the hospital. Came home with Lachlan yesterday afternoon. He seems better but now also has a really snotty nose.  Does he like it being cleaned NO way. So glad I don't have to put the ng tube down any more.

He will be on the antibiotic for a week to clear the UTI and then a new preventative antibiotic to keep the bacteria at bay.

Lachlan Playing with the camera strap while I am writing this.

Two more things to mention. On Tuesday morning the nurse looking after Lachlan hadn't seen him for over eighteen months and had a student nurse working with her. She said to me that she felt she had to give this student a talk to prepare her for Lachlan and how frail and sick he would be but when she actually came in to the room she was blown away with how good he looked and that when he was sick!!

In a previous post I mentioned that I was feeling overwhelmed. I decided to take a facebook break from my Trisomy groups for a while. It has been week now and in a way like having a holiday, needed but boy you miss everyone. I would like to thank those who took time to check if I was ok. It means alot.

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  1. Hi Rachel, hope Lachlan is all better very soon. It's nice to hear that he is continually surprising people like this nurse-- he's the best kind of t18 advocate! Good for you for taking a break. We will be glad to "see" you when you are back!