Wednesday, 11 July 2012

A side visit to Hospital

What a difference a day makes. Tuesday afternoon after returning from work Lachlan didn't seem quite right and had a temp of 40C. I took him down to emergency thinking this must be another UTI. He was admitted for two nights but they really couldn't find anything and on Wednesday and Today normal temps. Conclusion some sort of Virus (evil things viruses).
Last night we were moved to a room to share with a little girl who had severe cerebral palsy. I have been challenged by coming up to a two year old birthday for Lachlan as the second birthday is a bit more for the child than the first and your mind does go to things that he can't do like talk or walk. I couldn't help but think though that Lachlan compared to this beautiful little girl is doing well he can hold and chew on toys, rolls over, smiles and laughs appropriately. I wondered if they would wish these milestones for their daughter or maybe as she is 4 they have achieved acceptance.

Working towards constant acceptance of how things are not how I wish they might be.

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