Friday, 6 July 2012


Well this blogging lark may become addictive!
Ever since thinking about starting a blog this blog post has been running around in my mind. Obviously beliefs are a very personal view point and I think individual beliefs are an absolute right. This post is my attempt at being honest with myself and anyone who cares to read this blog. It is not designed to upset or influence anyone.
I have always been interested in religion, faith and the human search for meaning. Having a child with a naturally short life span brings these topics to the forefront in many ways.
I was not brought up in a church going family but a very moral and ethical one. My mother died when I was just 12 about to start high school. One of her wishes was that my sister and I attend private high school. We attended a Lutheran school and I am grateful for the education I received there and the insight into the Lutheran faith and the other religious teachings we were able to be exposed to. As I left high school and made my way into the world my belief system has changed and I image it will continue to evolve.
At this point I do not believe in a personal God. However the term agnostic doesn't fit either and I can't imagine atheism. At this point I am comfortable sitting in doubt of religion. I have a belief that somehow we are all connected ( as my friend Cass says maybe we are not supposed to know exactly) that if God exists he resides within us all.
Many of the people on the trisomy journey have a very strong belief and faith. I respect and appreciate that in them.  I just want to say it is possible to be on this journey without that belief system. The qualities that I admire in anyone are a life focused on loving and a humbleness these are generally always present in people of deep faith but they also can be without it.
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