Sunday, 10 February 2013

Additional tips on Blending

Have picked up quite a few tips lately on Blending and am recording them here. Haven't used them all yet but getting that way.

Apple Cider Vinegar can work as a pre digestive when diluted with water 2-3mls with 20mls water and given half an hour before feed. (using this and definitely can see a difference) Actually think this would work for all kids eating via tube with digestive issues, slow motility and vomiting. Vinegar may interact with some meds so check with doctor if concerned.

Paw Paw(papaya) mixed with food can help digestion from the natural enzymes it contains Pineapple also. (started using paw paw)

Freezing meals gets rid of air bubbles in blends and also provides a weeks worth of meals. Thanks to Rick for doing this this week.

Warming food before tubing ( heard from many different sources now doing)

Pre filling syringes before leaving home for school,daycare or trips out.

Would definitely recommend joining FB group Blenderized for Tubies as the parents are a wealth of good information

Adding info

When switching to Blenderised it is normal to expect some weight loss and potentially need to increase the amount of Calories. Lachlan did loose more than he should have however we put this down to increase activity, wakefulness and better digestion. His weight gain since increasing his calories has been good.

 We use a plunge/push method with syringe the syringes I got from the hospital do not work as well as the one I asked my Vet if I could try. Other families swear by the squirrel syringes.

Low volume foods to add calories

Sugars :Honey, Rice syrup, Molasses
Oils Olive,coconut,Tahini
Fruits Banana, Avocado
Dairy, sour cream,cream
Non Dairy Coconut cream Coconut milk, Rice milk

His breakfast is now made with soy milk formula at 1 1/2 strength for extra cal

And he is having 4 meals breaky, lunch,afternoon tea and dinner.

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