Monday, 17 September 2012


Yesterday this is a post I wrote on facebook.
Last night I put Lachlan in a sitting position and he stayed there for a few minutes. Very exciting. Then last night I had a dream he was around four and walking around just a few steps. Obviously this is just a possibility but it was a nice dream to have.until reading some of the things other mums said I wouldn't even have ever had hope for this happening. I remain grateful for whatever movement and thankful.
A very positive post things were looking good and happy. Today different story. Rick had to take Lachlan to the ER again 4th visit in 6 weeks. Vomiting again with coughing worried about dehydration. Don't think UTI this time. Starting to suspect new formula but we will wait and see.
This is the first time Rick has taken Lachlan to the ER and I have stayed home. I am glad he can but it is an anxious time being at home. They didn't get up to the ward until 2.30am.
I am going to work today. I am really struggling with having to. When you have a small business there is no sick leave and employees and suppliers have to be paid. At the same time we are struggling with our tenant paying rent haphazardly.

Hoping the dip in this rollercoaster doesn't last to long and they can give us answers for Lachlan and he feels better soon.

That was Tuesday. Today is Thursday and guess what Lachlan is back home. I drove down to the hospital yesterday and Rick and Lachlan were packed up ready to come home. He is still very crackly in the chest. This time upper respiratory infection is the reason for the vomits. But 24 hours on the drip helped enormously.

I really want to Thank all the staff at Nambour Hospital whether they see this I won't know but I am sending it out there. Lachlan gets great care and I mean care they really seem to care for him as a person and are also proud of all he has achieved.

Things to come out of this visit. We will return to infratrini as his formula, we will be getting a blender and starting fruit/vegetable feeds There is a new take home piece of equipment that we can do a sleep study at home that we will be able to use in December hopefully.

As far as our tennnt goes I am also putting it out there that they do the right thing and do pay the nearly four weeks behind. They have agreed to move out next Friday so within a month we will be back home home. Ahhh move here we come.

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